Our Goal

 Our goal is to provide professional service to both residential and commercial clients. We offer removal of items no longer needed. We do our best to keep these items from ending up in our landfills. We recycle and/or donate as many items as we can, minimizing our landfill use.

    We will remove almost anything from estate, garages, attics, basements, storage units, commerical lots, cars, boats, campers, foreclosures, business closures,...etc.

    We DO NOT remove or handle large amounts of chemicals, explosives or restricked items.

    We also offer Guaranteed Destroyed Runs (GDR's) . Most often used by commerical clients that want to be sure the item that are being removed will never to be reused by anyone else. 


Junkgetters was originaly started in the early 80's by the founder, Floyd Elzey, when he started removing unwanted item from local residents in his home town of Hoopers Island, Maryland. He knew that some of the items could be reused by someone which it was much made better then putting trash in a landfill.

He later started a construction company, known as Bayline Construction. Durning the construction years, he found that he could get a dumpster from many different companies, but no one would provide the labor to fill them.

He also knew there was alot of people that would come pickup unwanted scrap steel but no one would pickup other unwanted items.

In the mid 2000s He trade marked the name Junkgetters and added a website (Junkgetters.com)

Now you can get the dumpster and the labor,  all in one professional service.

We at Junkgetters.com want you to feel comfortable about the people you call for services. You will always recieve professional and courteous service from Junkgetter.com . So don't depend on a friend of a friend that might come get your unwanted items.